Our Founder

Harry A. Berberian is a veteran writer/producer in entertainment media and marketing who has been creating compelling entertainment for radio, TV, internet, and live stage shows for over two decades.  Harry is co-writing/producing/marketing a horror movie based on a Detroit legend, a scrap metal related reality show with Detroit roots, and a song and music video project revolving around Detroit called “Luv U Detroit”.  Harry has been a writer, producer for some of America’s top radio shows between the years of 1995 and 2010. He has also been a producer for two live successful comedy shows (written, produced, and directed) Music is a Joke Show (Stand-Up New York) 2008 – 2009 and The Krispy Komedy Show (Comedy Store, Ha Ha Café, and M Bar) 2003-2006.  Harry is currently working on the following projects:

  • “Luv U Detroit” – A song, music video, and positive marketing movement for the city of Detroit.
  • “Motor City Metal” – A reality show exploring the life and times of scrappers in the scrap business and the competitive aspects of what it’s like to make a living as a “motor city scrapper”. Currently collaborating on the marketing, production, and shopping of reality show sizzle reel.
  • “Nain” – A horror film based on the Detroit Legend of the Nain Rouge. According to legend, “Nain” is an entity that has been tied to the destruction of the city of Detroit. The story opens with Abigail and her family living in Ireland in the mid 1800s; the family is in duress, so they make the move to the new land: Detroit, Michigan. The winters are harsh, so in exchange for their neighbor and fellow farmer Figget marrying 14 year old Abigail, Figget gives the family money. The abuse that Abigail endures is unstoppable and in her desperation, Abigail prays to what she thinks is God but ends up being the Nain Rouge. Abigail inadvertently forges a union with Nain and as Nain works with Satan, together they form an unholy trinity. Abigail is now a harbinger of doom and lays waste in her path. Abigail struggles with her identity as being one with Nain, warning others of impending doom while simultaneously and inadvertently causing destruction. Abigail yearns to sever her ties with Nain and have a normal life but is caught in a heartbreaking struggle to do so.

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