Electric Eel Entertainment. “It Shocks!”

Harry Artin Berberian of Electric Eel Entertainment is currently focused on creating cutting edge comedy, music, and reality programming. We are currently working on the following TV show sizzle reels, pilots, and pitches:

“Music is a Joke”™ Variety and Reality Show
“Depression is No Laughing Matter”™,”Stand Up to Depression”™, & “Depression is NO JOKE” Comedy Show Fundraiser and Telethon
“Scrap Wars”™, “Metal Men”™, & “Motor City Metal”™ Sizzle Reels of Midwestern Based Scrap Metal Reality Show
“In the Lab”™ Music Competition Reality Show
“The Trailer Park Comedy Show”™ Variety Show

Harry Berberian of Electric Eel is also involved in a horror movie screenwriting project called “Nain” based on the Detroit historical legend of Nain...

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Do you need comedy entertainment for your next event? Hire Electric Eel!

Please subscribe to us here and peruse some of the comedy entertainment Electric Eel Entertainment has been producing and booking the last few years: Electric Eel Entertainment on YouTube!

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Electric Eel Entertainment Serves You with All Forms of Entertainment, from Music to Comedy!

We at Electric Eel strive to accommodate you with the best possible entertainment for the best possible price.  We have comedians, DJs, magicians, jugglers, caricaturists, motivational speakers, emcees and hosts, bands, cover bands, singers, actors, and the like all at our disposal.

Here are some relevant clips:

Mainstream Drive Band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mUG9Rvw1tk&feature=youtu.be

Comedy Show Fundraiser as Seen on Fox 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDY210z9qpQ

Comedian Jeff Horste  (PG 13/R)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRJGzk8WoZc

The Magic and Comedy of JASON ABBOTT (PG/PG 13) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d94Ftm7tOUA

Comedians from our “Stand Up for Veterans” event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CISe_WsBXKs

Comedienne Kate Brindle http://www.youtube...

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Electric Eel Entertainment. “Its Shocks!”

We at Electric Eel, strive to bring you the best in entertainment within your budget. We book comedians, emcess, DJ’s, magicians, singers, bands, caricaturists, models, actors, rappers, jugglers, and more.  We are flexible and strategic in our entertainment endeavors;  we service the small private party to the large theater to the professional corporate event.  We have happy clients from coast to coast and have worked extensively in radio, comedy, music, and live stage shows.  

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October Announcements

Electric Eel Entertainment is releasing 3 new music videos for the month of October.  One of them is an Eminem spoof by the less than infamous MC Sampler, the next is a spoof of the Royals song by Lorde (by Miranda), and finally we have a Ryan Archibald music video being shot for the rap collaboration MC Sampler ‘n the Halfway House. . .it is for the song which will ring true worldwide: “I Need a Job (but I Don’t Want One).

Electric Eel Entertainment ( aka “EEE”) is also marketing a Christmas Lights DVD to QVC, casting female personal trainers and models for an infomercial demonstrating a polyurethane medicine ball, and just wrapped 2 documentary projects: one about the city of Detroit and Allee Willis and the other about the labor movement in Michigan.

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For the week of Monday, July 22 2013

Thank you for your time and patience as we completely overhaul the entire Electric Eel Entertainment website. Over the next few days we expect to complete the task of supplying you with any and all information you may need; to not only become familiar with our artists, services and products, but hopefully become a supporter of the Electric Eel Entertainment brand.

Again, we thank you for you interest and stay tuned for all of the exciting changes that will be happening this week!

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